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Incomplete status problem
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we are using Oracle iLearning as our LMS. When we play the course, we can control only the status of the module (through the Rules of the module). But the main course object remains "Not Attempted" and only change to "Incomplete" if all the child objects (modules) are attempted. How to change this behavior? The problem is, that the student plays some modules, but the roll-up course status remains "Not Attempted".

Thank You.
Hello again,

we've consulted with Oracle and they confirmed, that the status problem resides in content part. Could You please suggest how to solve this issue?

The course example (the main course object "Kursas_statusai_be_folderiu" remains "Not Attempted" until all the other modules are attempted):


Thank You in advance[:)]
Try thinking about the hierarchy, the module has children.. each child must be completed before the module is completed.
It sounds as if you need to redefine the rules that flag the module as completed.
Hi Nickj,

thank You for trying to help to solve this out[:)] I'm talking about the whole course status, but yes, the same applies to the high level folders of modules. In the real situation You would probably need to mark the course or the high level folders as already started (status Incomplete) when at least on of the high level folders (for the course status) or one of the child level modules (for the high level folder status) is completed. Is there any way to mark the course or high level folder as incomplete if one of the child objects is completed? I can't think of a way to overcome this using the Rules as you don't have a direct control over the course status or folder.

Thank You.

this is really important issue for our client. The thing is, that when the course is "Not attempted", the LMS won't show the total time spent on course for the learner. Is there a way to set rules to make the whole course status "Incomplete" when the first module slide is attempted (the rest of modules are not attempted)? Or should we implement a workaround with DB trigers or smth?
Thank You.
Just off the top of my head why not make a subsection an objective.
The total score is still for the whole.
So each objective has a status spplied based on pages visted or whatever criteria you want to apply.
Then you use the master course status dependant on completion of all of the subsections.
The course rules set ought to be able to handle that.
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