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Problems with completion tracking
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Dear All,
I'm just testing a course created with Courselab. I've uploaded it to our LMS and trying to get it completed but the LMS bookmarks only but does not track neither the single elements nor the course as completed after I complete all the lessons. Published under SCORM 1.2.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.
Not sure about SCORM 1.2, for SCORM 2004 you have to set the module's objective (see Module Runtime Settings). By default, CL creates an objective named "total", that will be reported back to the LMS (you can add more objectives, but only 1 can be the module objective). Also by default, the "total" objective is set to Incomplete and Success=Unknown, upon starting the module. You can change that (1) in the Objectives tab (say, change the default to Complete and Passed, regardless of what else the learner does), (2) in activities linked to the objective (e.g. questions/tests), or (3) through explicit Actions (e.g. SET SCORE, SET COMPLETION STATUS, SET SUCCESS STATUS). Rather long answer and not quite... Complete ;). I hope it still helps.
Cheers, Razvan :-)
Working!!!! Thanks a lot
It's either Courselab or your LMS, the two aren't communicating properly.
Sometimes the LMS might advertise SCORM compliance, compliance often doesn't mean 100% as you might think. Then again some SCORM API's will produce problems that depend on their specific interpretation of the same standard.
So which LMS is this, there's often a specific work around.
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