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Java Applets parameters
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Using Geogebra the Dynamic Geometry editor I have a .jar file that loads fine but needs to pull in the .gbb data file to display the constructions. I have tried to configure the parameter file but can only get an error saying there is an error or the applet loads but the file does not. Any ideas?[:confused:]
If this .gbb file is not in jar then CourseLab does not "know" about it, therefore it is not copied to "images" folder. But if you can change in Java-applet URL from where this file should be loaded to "../user/[your_file].gbb" then we have simple solution. Create "user" folder at the same level with "images" folder and place your .gbb files here. If "user" folder exists in module's folder then CourseLab will push this folder in published version as is.
If you cannot change URL in Java-applet then things will be a little bit worse. Then we should make this .gbb file the part of the module, for example, this file can be placed in some invisible object - object External File suits well. Insert this object on the same Frame with Java-applet, select your .gbb file as target file, and set object's Display parameter to "No" (in Format Object context menu). Then your .gbb file will be placed in "images" folder near the .jar, and will be included in published version automatically.

Thanks for the promt response but I cannot get either to work. I have uploaded a .zip file to my server with the files - the work file is in 'user' as suggested and the .jar file is in the route. Any chance you could take a look and see what I am doing wrong?
file is at [hidden_address]
Hi, Dave!
Sorry, perhaps my previous answer was too unclear. The "user" folder must be exactly on the same level with "images" folder within module folder. Please look in your e-mail box - I've sent you URL of your example in action and URL of archive with corrected example.
Also be aware, that most of Web-servers does not recognize .ggb files as valid MIME type. This means that you should add .ggb files to web-server MIME types setting to avoid Error 404 message (file not found, although the file exists at this location). If your example works perfectly on local computer, but displays "Error downloading file" when launched from the server, then unknown MIME type is the probable reason.
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