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My Courselab url ?
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I am new with Courselab (free version to test it first).
I have created a course and published it to "My Courselab", but I can not find url to see this course ?? I do not find any link to go to "My Course lab" on Courselab.com, and I did not find any post about this in the forum.
I should miss something here, so vould you please help ?
Thanks in advance.
The service that was hosted on this site seems to have been dropped when the web site was revamped. It was mainly for showing modules you had made to others in the forum and not for general use.
If you want to test modules in depth get a download of WAMP which will let you run a server stack on your local PC (Apache, MySQL and PHP) then install a copy if moodle or any of the other free LMS.
You can then try your modules in a real testing environment.
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