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Rapid Development

Some CourseLab features are specially designed to increase productivity of e-Learning content development.

Ready-to-use e-Learning module templates

CourseLab comes with a large set of ready-to-use e-Learning module templates. Just select the template that is suitable for your needs to start a new module. Templates are easily modifiable, and modified templates can be saved to the template library.

Large object library

CourseLab contains a large library of ready-to-use complex objects that covers most of the frequently used e-Learning courseware development needs. Objects are highly customizable to fit virtually any design - just place an object on a slide and change its parameters.

Inheritance of objects

You can share once inserted CourseLab object through multiple slides or even through the entire e-Learning module. This feature allows to save development time and efforts drastically.

Simple PowerPoint-like user interface

Familiar PowerPoint-like user interface allows getting into the way of creating e-Learning content easily.

Import PowerPoint presentation into the module

If you already have a PowerPoint presentation then you can easily import it into an e-Learning module to save development time. Objects of the imported presentation will be translated into equivalent CourseLab objects whenever possible and will become available for further editing in CourseLab.

Simple wizard-based publication

Instantly publish content to multiple platforms with a few mouse clicks. Content package will be created automatically depending on the selected publishing option.