Answers to frequently asked questions that are common to both the commercial and the free versions of CourseLab:

Is there CourseLab version for MacOS or Linux systems?
When creating the e-learning course CourseLab generates a lot of files. What are these files?
Which files should I copy to edit my e-learning course with CourseLab software installed on another computer?
Is it possible for two or more authors to edit the same e-learning course simultaneously (supposed it is placed in shared folder)?
Can I edit the published version of an e-learning course?
Is it possible to edit HTML code in CourseLab?
Is it possible to edit scientific formulae in CourseLab?
How do I get two or more spaces between words in a paragraph?
Is it possible to insert in the e-learning module rich-media object other than Flash, Shockwave, Java or video?
Is it possible to copy and paste CourseLab objects between modules?
Which hardware and software is necessary to explore e-learning content created with CourseLab?
When I launch e-learning module Internet browser warns me that there is active content in the module. Is it safe?
My autorun file does not start, when I insert CD. Where is the catch?
Cross-browser limitations and tricks
How can I be sure that e-learning content generated with CourseLab will work correctly in the Learning Management System used in our company or organization?