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What's new in version 2.6

Here is a list of features available in the commercial CourseLab v2.6:

  • The object library is now open. Objects become editable by user. User can customize objects, create customized copies of objects or add new objects (XML/XSL/JavaScript skills required for that).
  • Many new VML/SVG vector objects allow data visualization (charts) and rapid development (e.g., tab blocks, image galleries).
  • New question types: true-false, one-to-many, many-to-many. Detailed results on questions become available through the new Detailed results object.
  • New animated characters and talking heads - different ages, different psychotypes.
  • Global variables can be restored also from LMS. Physical size of suspend_data is decreased (therefore, SCORM 1.2 limitation on the number of questions per module is alleviated).
  • About 10 new navigation objects, including Search objects, Alternative Module Path and Timer.
  • General object events (such as mouseover and click, correct-incorrect answer for questions) can use sound effects.
  • The template library contains about 80 templates.
  • The PowerPoint Import and Screen Capture Extra Packs are included.