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What's new in version 2.4

CourseLab 2.4 is a further development of version 2.3 and includes all its functionality. But it also includes a lot of improvements and new features. And, of course, CourseLab 2.4 is compatible with your CourseLab 2.3 course source files.

List of major improvements

  1. Edit Time improvements:

    • Expressions can be used to calculate values in action parameters (i.e. "in place" calculation).
  2. Run-time improvements:

    • Action sequence becomes sequential by default, i.e. every next action waits for the end of previous one.
    • Transparent objects can use effects and rotate.
    • FOR action is re-writed. Cycle counter variable is defined by user and has scope. FOR action can manage time-binded actions (such as ROTATE, MOVE etc.) correctly.
    • ROTATE action is re-writed to make rotation smoother and exclude displacement.
    • IF COMPLETION STATUS - new action added to launch actions depending on objective's completion status.
    • IF SCORE - new action added to launch actions depending on objective's score.
    • PARALLEL - new action added to launch actions simultaneously in parallel threads. Can be combined with SEQUENTALLY to build complex action schemes.
    • SIZE-START/SIZE-STOP - new actions that allow object's resizing.
    • Z-INDEX - new action that allows changing object's z-index.
    • Sound file handling is re-writed to allow FireFox/Opera/Safari browsers to play sound correctly.
  3. New objects added:

    • Flash Video object can be used for playing Flash Video (FLV) files and streaming Flash Video.
  4. Existing objects updated:

    • Flash-movie – Code source detection is rewrited. Custom Flash-object parameters list added.
  5. Known bugs fixed.