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Order Z in objects. Help me please
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Hello People:
I'm making one activity where the objetcs, when we make clic, change the order Z. I want the object I make clic was the first in order. I'm trying with variables, example: #order==#order+1 but I dont know how to.
Can you help me?
Hi susana, so you have a stack of objects and when you click on a button or some other trigger you want a specific one to appear at the top of the stack??
First of all just making a variable called order isn't going to do very much, well nothing really. I would expect the example that you have would just add one to a numeric index that courselab will remember. It won't do anything else like change the z-index of an object on the page.
Tell me just what you are trying to do and I'm sure I can suggest something that will work for you.
Thank you for reply Nick.
I have created in the slide a variable order, each picture I want to change the order have this action in the event clic and comand Z-index
#order+1 Additive add, but when I have for example three clics in one picture, if I want other picture appear at the top, then I need three clics in this picture.
I want only one clic in each picture to appear at the top. How to?
Thank you Nick for your attention. You are muy hope.
Hi Susana, So far I am getting some mixed results from the use of the z-index action.
For example I have a stack of 3 ovelapping images and I can make the second 'float' to the top. If I try this on the first or last they may float to the top, sometimes they can disappear too!!
The z-index is a relative thing and without knowing what shares the index level you assign makes it all a little hit or miss.
I'm looking at something that will give you a similar or maybe a better visual effect using the available actions.
Than you Nick.
I hope you
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