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French Translation
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Is there a french translation for Courselab??
Hi Rachid, unfortunately for the 2.4 version there isn't anything other than an English version. I believe there is a native Russian language varient but that would probably be worse!!
The commercial version can be localised though but that might not be too much help.
Things to remember are that virtually all of the test in the prebuilt question types can be customised so you can convert these out to the french language. BUT you'd need to do this each time you use them.
I'd suggest that you make a small module which has all of the items you are likely to use and convert all of the english parts into french. Then save this as a template.
If you open this template then all of the items will still have the language change and you can just copy pages to replicate the questions.
Just tested that and it does work. You might also need to change the text on the buttons which are graphics.
Just find them and edit then save with exactly the same file name.
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