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Does CourseLab 2.4 support bookmarks?
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Hello all,

Trying to figure out if CourseLab 2.4 supports bookmarks? By this, I mean, if I create a SCORM 2004 course, is there a way to turn on bookmarks (breadcrumbs) so the LMS can track where a user stops and exits before complting the course so they can return later and pick up where they left off? I know in similar tools it is sometimes as simple as applying a bookmark template or turning the bookmarks option on or off using a checkbox, but I can't seem to find anything similar in CourseLab 2.4. Maybe I am just overlooking it???[:confused:]
Hi James, run your module in an LMS that supports this and it will work all by itself. You shouldn't need to do anything, nothing to turn on or off.
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