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Create one course based on another... Is this possible?
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I have created one course with 7 modules that is intended for one audience. I have another audience that will only need 4 out of 7 modules. I was hoping to do a "save as" of the 7-module project with a new name and delete the 3 modules I don't need to create the 4-module course for my second audience, but I do not see a feature in Courslab 2.4 that allows me to save it with a new name. Can this be accomplished by copying the project and renaming the WCL file in the File Manager (outside of CourseLab) and then proceeding as planned???
Hi James,
Your idea will work fine.Just copy the whole folder and rename then open the .wcl file, rename it using the drop down menu File - Course Runtime Settings. Then you can chop it up from there.
It also works as a backup method. Copy the whole folder before an editing session and you will only have lost your last sessions work rather than the whole thing!
Don't forget if you have a specific layout or have made a styled slide layout you want to resue you can build it with generic text and then save the module as a template.
Makes it easy to replicate a coporate style.
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