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About Powerpoint Import
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Is there any article which shows what function can be imported from PowerPoint?

Otherwise,[:confused:] what function can not be imported?
Hi Kefrin, all of the text elements and graphics are imported. Depending on how you have made the original ppt the text objects appear as editable blocks.
I will try and make time to import something and see what is retained other than that.
I don't use ppt much as it is a bit too inflexible.
Hi. I cannot use the powerpoint import. There is no sign of the wizard as shown in your guide. When I click my browser opens here: http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/42903CE03FD22B1C442579900006D047/doc.html

Why is that?[:confused:]
UPS, I can see that it apparantly only works in the commercial Courselab, not 2.4.

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