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Master slide layout
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I'm trying to figure out if you can have placeholders for text on the master slides (or anywhere else that applyes to the pages in a course). What I'd like to do is to have the heading and main text look the same on all pages (placement, font, size..), like you can do with different layout pages in PPT. Most of all I would like being told that I can adjust pages via someting similar to CSS (that is being able to change all existing headings by just making the adjustments in one place). Any ideas?

If you make yourself a basic layout with predefined place holders, page decoration, buttons etc then you can save this as a named template. It will then be used as the base page for all new pages.
CSS would be nice Anna, and I'd live to tell you that it is so easy but unfortunately it isn't. The pages aren't built as 'conventional' HTML coded pages. They are defined in an XML format and the pages are generated on the fly using the objects defined in this. The file format uses inline text descriptors for formatting.
If you wanted to change everything say from font a to b then you'd need to hit the XML with a global find replace to change text elements.
I've not tried this but you might be able to do this more easily to a finished module using something like RELOAD.
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