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When I play the test module the screen comes up small. How can I expand the screen?
Hi Bill, it will be about 800x600 which is the size which it is told to be.
I'm assuming that you can see all of the module.
The templates are all around this size and there is a good reason for this. The modules you make have got to work on all sorts of PCs and you don't know what they are.
For example I'm writing this on my laptop which is 1280x800, my big PC is 2560x1280 and at work I often use a screen desktop in excess of 5000x 2000.
If you want to make something bigger than the templates in 2.4 you'll have to do some custom coding.
Look at the startup file and the xml files for the content. If the code in them doesn't mean anything to you then just go with what you have to start with.
Just a point of note the new commercial version does have a greater range of templates and template sizes.
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