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problem in font after publishing
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I use comic sens MS as font-type but when i publish a course the font automatically changed in times new roman format so that the bueaty of the course get affected.[:confused:]

what is the problem and how i can resolve the problem.
Hi Rituraji this is possibly the first time that I've heard the word 'beauty' associated with the comic font!!
A word of warning with this is that this font is only available on MS based PCs. If a user looks on a MAC or linux or a Windos PC where this font is not available the browser will subsitute in a different font. This will usually be the gereral default so may be quite different between PCs.
So there might be problems with using this font.
You should set the default font for the module as this font. This is in the drop down menus Module/Design Settings (or ALT-F7)change the default in the FONT tab.
When you add text and format it it is ALWAYS best to import text without any formatting code, DO NOT copy directly from ANY Microsoft Office software. If you do copy from word or similar cut and paste to notepad first THEN copy the text from notepad to courselab. You can then apply the font to the text (or it is done for you if you have set the module default).
It might well be that you have some conflicting formatting codes in your module OR the review PC just doesn't have the font available.
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