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custom objects in xsl
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I need your help
i need to custom contents popup object in XML or in XSL.
i tried to do that but i didn't pass
just i need to change alignment of content and texts in this object
from left 2 right to right 2 left [:confused:]
thanks for help,
I would cheat Mohammad and have the text as a graphic. This will sidestep the problems with browsers and font support.
This will be OK for a pop up
If it is for the general content then you could try cutting and pasting the text into the text editor. This seems to work as the information to display the font in R -> L format and the font is defined.
You would be best to use something like word for this as it usually carries these items over if you cut and paste from it.
I just tried the cut and paste using some text off of the arabic version of the BBC web site.
Seemed to work OK
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