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Is it just me, but the search and filter options do not work for me. I can only see the topics on the first page of the forum.

Is Courselab itself being maintained? I see a V2.6 in Russian but no update for English.

Can anyone help on the above?
Hi Geoff
The current free version is provided 'as is' and always was. Support has always been through this forum.
Will it be updated? Not in any major way as the newest version of Courselab is a full commercial product. I'm looking forwards to getting my hands on a copy of that to see whats been done. The dev team are still beavering away and they do read the stuff here but like all of us they have to make some money to pay the bills and free software doesn't put food on your plate.
However given what you pay for this version it is very good value for money.
The search facilty died but you can search through google.
Thanks Nick,
I agree that for nothing the current version is great! Seriously, it's a really useful product.
I see there's a Russian version 2.6. Have the developers given any indication when the commercial version will be available? I am promoting Courselab within my company, but I am hesitant because there is no clear development path being communicated by the developers.
Hi Geoff, you won't catch me arguing with you, Courselab is quick and very easy to use, usually quite intuitive although there are some very arcane areas to it!!
Some good news, the development team have been busy, the new commercial version should be released hopefully in a few weeks. AFIK the release will be to regional distributors.
There will be regionalised versions which is going to be appreciated.
I'm looking forwards to getting my hands on a copy, promises to be very good.
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