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Hi, Does anybody know if is it possible to work with jclic in CourseLab?.

I tried with an iFrame and html, I used the jclicplugin.js that works for many html files that I have create, but when I published the course to scorm and CD, it doesn't work.

I'll be really greatful if you can help me.

Thanks from Colombia

There is a nice an simple answer to this George.
Courselab will track the recources that it explicitly uses, like text and images. This will then be bundled into the published module. External content like the content of an iframe isn't tracked as Courselab doesn't see beyond the iframe object so on publishing it isn't included.
If you look through the published module the content you're trying to display won't be there.
What I would do is this, add the html page into the file structure when you are building the module. It needs to be in the folder called 1/images.
When you build the page with the iframe point it to this and make the reference relative to the page and references in html relative to the document. That is don't use an http:// type reference /myhtml.htm
After publishing open the zip and copy the components the iframe will use into the folder 1/images and it will work.
Thank you.
Now it's working.

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