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Unlock the contents of the slides
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I would like to know how can I unlock the content of the slides, allowing the student to copy the text.

Somebody can help me?
Hi Fabio, as with any text on the web there isn't a lock as such, you can select text with a click/drag and then CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-V to paste. So you shouldn't need to unlock anything as nothing is locked.
If you want your students to have a text copy or a support document then why not produce a document that is correctly formated and contains all of the text that they should have. You can add this as an item and link to it on a page.
If you mean text: just select the text, press ctrl-C and paste it in a document.

Images: only in FF you can drag them from the window to your desktop.

If you can give the reason why students must be able to c/p the content, some of us can come up with another solution [;)]
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