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No Pausing on slide
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I have built three slides beside the master and title slides. When I go to View Module, the Title slide comes up and pauses until I press Start Module. But then the three other slides whiz by and the module stops on the last slide. The default Next and Previous buttons are there, and will initiate another fly-by if pressed. But navigation of the module never pauses on any but the last slide.

Please help the new guy if you can.
Hi Michael.. Not sure what's going on here!! One obvious thing to check..
On the slide thumbnails the setting for advance (found on right clicking the thumbnail)should be 'wait for action'.
Check that on the master slide there aren't any actions attached to the template controls, all of the template items have fixed functions built in.
If you do get nowhere after trying let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Thanks Nick -
Yes, the advance is set to 'wait for action.' I'll comb through the controls for any attached actions, though I didn't attach any. I'll let you know what happens. I appreciate your help.
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