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Publish to HTML
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I would like to be able to use a published Courselab SCORM activity in a regular HTML box. No reporting, just so my students can practice with a few simple exercises.

Is there way to publish so that I can put in on my webpage?

Just publish to cd and open the html file.

Every publish has a javascript connector to an lms but if it isn't there it continues anyhow, it just doesn't send messages to lms then.
Remember if you are using 'free' space or a very cheap hosting package there will be limits on the bandwidth you can use. If you think the stuff you have is going to be popular this might be an issue. Just make sure all of the content (images etc) are as small in terms of file size as you can.
It can make sense to turn the files into a self extracting archive and have user download them. 7-Zip does a good compression rate, winrar is also very good.
Even if you have 'unlimited' bandwidth available it is being paid for somewhere along the line.
It still makes sense from a users perspective for authors to ensure their materials work in the best way possible.
For example an image from that very nice 12MP camera you have is 4000 x 3000 pixels so you add it to a page and rescale it to 800 x 600 by just dragging in the edges. You now have a rescaled 12Mp image on your page when you publish it.
Your user is still using that bigger image, all you've done is have them load a 1.4Mb file and then rescale it on their PC, the file really only needed to be 114Kb.
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