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need help [:confused:]
i want the pages that appear in the content tab to appear in hierarchy below other, just like the picture in the courselab help if we click the link content tab.
tanks [;)]
Not totally sure what you are asking for Carlos.
Is this a menu with thumbnail pictures of the pages??
yes, in courselab when we click help and write "content tab" it shows a menu with first slide and second slide. Inside the second slide with the thumbanail, thereґs a slide explanation. thatґs what i want to create. can you help me? tanks
OK Carlos I think I see what you mean.
First there is the contents object that is added to the master page, this generates a list but it does it automatically and will be difficult to change.
What I have done before is to make a button and add it to the master slide so that it appears on all of the pages.
A click on this will show a pop up which has a 'list' of thumbnail images, each image has a navigation action that will open the page.
Luckily Courselab makes the thumbnails itself for the page navigator, all you need to do is use them on the pop up and they are imported for you.
There is a vertical scrolling menu that can use images and text here.
This is on a page but it can also be on the master page to make it global.
The Vertical scroller demo in this link opens Cloze Activity instead!
That'll be an oops!!
I'll have a look and change that. I do plan on shifting this over to a CMS and letting a few more people have access to it to add content and maybe a wiki to add a little more detail in areas like add java code to pages.
Barend when I've done this would you be interested??
All the parts you need exist already, courselab automatically makes a page thumbnail as a part of the front end.
You just need to make the menu item after the module is made.
Find the thumbnails drop them into a text object then add an action to each to jump to the relevant page.
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