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Edit CourseLab files directly
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Hi, is it possible to edit the CourseLab files without entering CourseLab?

Right now, we need to translate 30+ courses with several slides from spanish to english and if we go into CourseLab we will take a lot of time ( Which we don't have ).

Everything you've added is in the file root/1/runtime.xml file so you could just find text and substitute a translation.
You would need to manually check the pages to confirm the formatting hadn't been wrecked though.
Automating this would be difficult BUT a search for text wrapped in quotes would capture most everything, capture that, translate in line then drop back in the translation in quotes would work.
The pre-packaged components would still have some english parts though.
Thanks Nick for the answer, I've checked the runtime.xml file and indeed it is very complex to read all those code lines and decide which words or sentences have to be translated or not. I thought it would be an easier process, but I think we will be doing it in CourseLab.

Thanks [:confused:]

I have a similar issue in that we may want to localize course content. I will us the runtime.xml. All you need to do is basically extract the content in CDATA plus some other strings.

I will probably write up some extraction script to do that job. Let me know how you will proceed.

If you insist in editing runtime.xml, I would suggest to use an xml editor such as notepad++. Save after each edit: notepad++ will start screaming if you messed up the xml structure by mistake.

Editing the file and afterwards noticing there is an error somewhere in this file doesn't make you happy [;)]
As Barend notes these file are VERY FRAGILE, as little as a space in the wrong place will break the module.
I am not working with an editor on them but rather use XSL transformations to extract the content (and merge it back later). Basically, I am just touching the CDATA content which is XML structure irrelevant anyway. I am fine working with XML, so no worries. I also tend to backup much [:D]

On a related matter (since it seems I need to tinker with the source files anyway): what is the relation between 1.xml (for module 1) and runtime.xml?

I would like to automatically change the object type on some objects to simple textbox (<iebox>) since the other types are adding too much clutter around the actual content (many divs and tables used to format the output).

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