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If Then commands
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I ve worked in visual basic earlier using the IF- THEN commands. example- the text in a text box is compared with a default value and an action is executed.
like:(If text1.text="course lab" Then text3.text="good")

It analyses the input text and gives a value or message box or a display accordingly.
Can you please give an example coding how to do this in course lab. (PS I dont know java)
Thought someone from Otago would be using something home grown like eXe ;)
It's very similar but with quirks.
So to do a comparison you need to get the variables values with #var_name drop in a boolean op to give you:
If #var_name=="myvalue"
Then add the change a variable:
If #var_name=="myvalue" #var_2="newvalue"
Should be something like that anyways!!
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