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I'm having an issue running published course on CD- Rom for apple Mac's. anything I need to do to get them up and running?[:confused:]
Probably browser realted as MACS default uses a hacked webkit basis, however it depends on what the 'issues' are!! A bit of a clue here might help a little Hall.
Whe I run a published CD on a Mac -

1. Safari does not work - it does not even open the module screen (giving access to the different Modules)

If i go to start.htm I get a blank page, no error message.

1. Firefox - the module screen cames up minus background graphics and clicking on a module opens up a new browser window - and an error message that it cannot find start.

If I try and access start.htm the module starts - most works except for mp3 sound (which calls a plug in) which then causes a Java script error when next page button is pressed (only for the page you tried to access sound from). the java script error is - "next page undefined".
I also get a Javscript error if I run a FLV or flash file and press next page - Flash file destructer not defined.
(this comes up in firefox on windows as well).

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards Hall
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