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Is it possible to insert an image on a msgbox? if so, please tell me how.
Thank you,

Try opening the html view of the text editor and adding the link to the image.
You'll need to make it a relative link.
It will be something like...
A href="./myimage.jpg"
The path ./ depends where the image is
Hi Nick,
The problem is that within the MSGBX there is no option to get into the html editor, right?
I had an example of an old question on my HD: an image in a relief popup window. In the editor you can import an image.

If you mean the javascript messagebox (I think that's what you mean): no, I don't think an image is possible.
It seems the msgbox is made with a javascript alert() function, which doesn't allow images.
(did a test)
Yes, the msgbox is made with javascript alert().

The only way is to make your own popups in javascript (google for "window.open") and fill it with your own html.
You have to use a pop up Maris, javascript alerts are very plain things and unless you make something very custom then you aren't going to see any images.
I haven't tried this and can't remember if it works or not, I'm not 100% sure that it will
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