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Streaming video
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Having problems playing a streaming flash video. Just keeps saying preloading and never begins playing. Couldn't find anything in documentation (doesn't seem to include anything on flash video). The organization I work for has its own streaming video server and the same file works fine in another software package. Any suggestions? Thanks.
As Slav said, take into account the Flash security settings. Next to that:
- do you use absolute url's? If not, there is a difference between the path to flv (if I remember well, from the html which embeds the flash player) and the path to other resources (if I remember well, from the embedded swf).
- how do you se the flv in CL? Do you use your own flvplayer?
Hi, Kim,

If you are previewing it on local PC, please take in account browser/Flash security settings. Streaming video is loaded from some server - this is potential security flaw, when local content tries to load something from outside, and this is usually banned in security settings. Please try to load this sample on the web-server and check it from web-server.
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