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Making modules individual courses
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Is there a easy, somewhat painless way to convert the modules of a course into actual courses themselves, other than going through a whole bunch of copy/paste? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, Josh,

Depends on definition of "easy and painless". If you are familiar with XML basics then I can suggest such way.
2. Make copies of the whole old course folder - one per each new course you want to make
3. Open first copied folder - lets suggest that it will be course from first module.
4. Open WCL file with Notepad or any plain text editor (some programmers editor with XML highlighting would be more convenient though, Notepad++, for example, is free). WCL is in fact simple XML file.
5. Locate "modules" node and first "module" child node of that node. Delete all other "module" child nodes.
6. Locate "file" child of single "module" node that lasts. This is the folder name and file name of the real module folder. Look in the course folder and delete all folders, except for "courseimages" and the one that should last.
7. Save WCL file. You got the full course from first module.

Repeat these operations (pp.3-7) on each copy incrementing module number and selecting corresponding child "module" node.

It's probably easier and more sensible to make them all 'bite size' and so more like individual lesson blocks.
This also makes the contents easier to change in the future and maintaining your module documentation up to date... You do actually plan your work (?) and keep records.
The course would be held together by a structure which is an LMS. One giant module is probably asking for trouble.
I'm not sure about it, but we can use again the module we've created by saving the module as a template. Am I wrong? Tools->Add Module to Templates..
Is this what Josh asked for? [:)]
I've not tried with a content filled set of pages so the answer would be ... it might!
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