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Slidename list isn't updating
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Hi there,
Occasionally when I view module the position numbers have been working fine but the slidename hasn't been changing, it'll just stay on the name of the first slide. I've fixed this by redoing the whole module and then it works. Only now I've redone a module and it's still not changing. Is this just a Courselab glitch? Please let me know if there is something I can do to prevent this problem occurring.
Thank you,
Just tried it and it works here on XP SP3 and Win7 so that's odd.
Which version and build do you have?
Which OS is it installed on and where is the program installed?
Where are the inprogress files stored?
Thanks Nick. It was a simple solution, I had unchecked 'Strict navigation mode' thinking that would enable the user to jump about from slide to slide. Instead it caused me problems. But that was it! It's running fine. Thanks for your help.
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