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reset page viewed/visited status on quiz fail
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I have a need where students are required to redo the lesson if they fail the module quiz. So on Fail I want to resend them to the first page of the lesson/module.

On success they can go and do the next lesson/module

They cannot skip lesson pages so "view slide in sequential order" is set for the course. However currently once a page is viewed you can randomly return and view the page. How can I reset the page status (or set of pages) of a visited page back to the not visited state, hence preventing the user from skipping pages when they are sent back to the first page of the lesson?

And can we do this for the quiz too since they can redo the quiz until the redo the lesson.

Thx in advance...
Hi, Rudy,

Visited pages cannot be reset simple way. There is quite simple way (but perhaps not exactly what you need) - using SET COMPLETION STATUS action to set status to "not attempted" and then quit module and start it again. Some LMS will reset saved data on setting this status (initial status, in fact). But this need reloading.
Of course, there is possibility to create some hack, but it requires some skills in JavaScript/XML. If you are ready for that - let me know.
Ok great,
I'm pretty good with JavaScript and XML so I would be interested to know how the code hack to get that functionality. [:)]

My other though (quick fix) to get this function without a hack, would be to have the lesson and module quiz as one module, and remove the progress bar from the course and remove/disable the "Contents" option, forcing the user to page through the lesson to get to the quiz.
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