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Audio File Synchronization
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Finding it very difficult to synchronize the audio file with the object display. I have tried using 2 methods:

Method 1 : Attached the audio file to the object properties.

Problem: Depending on the speed of internet connection and file size, audio plays much after the object appears. By that time another object with sound appears and the first one plays partial and there is a mismatch.

Menthod 2 : Used Sound as Action associated with Object.

Problem : The sound plays only on the computer on which the content is being authored but doesn't play on any other computer.
1. problem with the variable speed of the internet.

2. check the sound file is
(a) in the module once you've made it, occasionally courselab does forget to move additional files.
(b) probably too obvious nut the file isn't in a format others don't have as standard?
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