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slides or frames?
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Do you use slides or frames?
I have created my content on slides but I am finding that things don't seem to work even if I set variables to apply to the whole module. e.g. using the {{#name}}or {{myscore}}doesn't bring the name/value onto the next slide.
So I was wondering what everyone else has done?
Frames as the main structure most of the time, certainly for the formal quiz/question sections.
Slides within frames sometimes but usually only when filling a module with content.
It depends what you are trying to do, both ought to work..... Well except when they don't
Thanks Nick, have taken your advice and developing quiz in frames and it is working! Also, realised that I was using the wrong text box for the variables to pull through. I didn't realise that they didn't all work.
Your welcome Amanda, hope you find Courselab works for you.
It's worth looking at the ;courselab dead' strand, some interesting news in there.

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