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How to Restrick modules for sequensing
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I was using Course lab. Is there any way that i can control users in reading the modules in sequential order.

If i create multiple modules and publish them in SLK we don't have control on modules sequencing. please assist!!!
The problem is in SLK and not in Courselab, of course the support is similar as SLK is not an officially supported MS product you're stuck with user support. Plus SLK is a method of using SCORM packages on Sharepoint and not a full LMS.
What you're after is a way to stop users accessing sequentially. So options might be..
(1) Use the sharepoint infrastructure to give a new view that increments the modules shown once completed, this would need to leverage the users login ID to modify the page seen. This would need a database MSSQL or Access and some customisation of sharepoint pages so VB C# and ASPX with NET framework knowledge woud be very helpful, well essential.
(2) Use Courselab, for example you could give the user an 'access code' on completion. I'd have a pop up on the final page that appeared if say the onsucces flag or a variable you've made for this is positive.
Then on the first page of the next module a pop up that asks for this code and loops back to the same if wrong or the real start page if correct.
(3) Use a 'real' LMS which supports the kind of control over content you want.
The first might be a pain to implement, the second easier. The third will provide a real working solution.
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