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Hidden Input Objects
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Can the "Hidden Input" object be utilized for password protected modules. Basically, I have created a module, and I want the end user to have to enter a certain password to begin the module. The "obect's" profile gives you the impression that this is possible. Am I correct in making that assumption, and if so, how would i do that?

I currently have a very well developed log-in system that I developed using "Methods", but i'm currently experimenting with other means of accessing modules or chapters.

Thanks in advance.

It is what that type of field is typically used for however if the module is a standalone then the password will be in a file somewhere, it's barely casually secure I guess.
You'd want to make the nav buttons and anyother nav devices function conditional on a matching response. It might then be an idea to obfuscate the XML, and no I don't know if courselab would still be able to read it as I've never tried it!
If it's online then there are much better ways of doing this using access control.
I've been looking at distributing course materials on a USB stick, that will use password protected AES encryption and be run off of a 'portable' Apache or Tomcat server configed to run on PC, MAC and linux.
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