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Embedding Powerpoints
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I want to embed some PowerPoint templates in my package so the kiddywinks can click on them to open the ppt and complete it (they then submit via e-mail). Any suggestions how to do this? Could I maybe (as a workaround) create it as an external link then copy the file into the package folder and change the hyperlink in HTML? Or is that likely to mess up IDs and things? ARGH!
afaik a programme can normally not be run from html without user action.

Second problem is: if Powerpoint is installed (which is a must for your students computers) then a ppt will probably be opened in the powerpoint viewer, hence editing is not possible.

(btw can be opened using object 'external file')

Maybe if you uninstall the powerpoint viewer from these computers?

I saw some workarounds for launching an external programme but these didn't make me happy [;)]
As Barend says a ppt will open with the default program, in this case power point.
Thinking slightly sideways you could do the same with a pdf form and kick the results back from there.
Who said anything about results? I WANT it to open in PowerPoint. I'm trying to create an all-inclusive course. The course (which will be a SCORM package on our VLE) will include info and help on completing the tasks, video tutorials, and (hopefully) a number of links they can click on that will open their workbooks (which are PowerPoint files). When they click on the links then yes, it opens the files in PowerPoint (or preferably gives them the option to open or save). They save the files to their USB or My Documents for completion over an entire term, and later e-mail them to me for marking. I just want a way to include the PowerPoint. I don't want it opening up in a window, or in the VLE, or returning results anywhere or anything fancy, I just want them to be able to save the file!
Well, you have a problem there ...
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