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How do I display an another module's score?
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Please show me the way to display an another module's score.
Because I made a course that have five modules.
I want display each module's score in the last module.
I could not find that in the CourseLab Help.[:p]
This is a course that is made up of 5 discrete modules?
OR a course that is divided into 5 contiguous modules??
If they are seperate and discrete items then you'd need some external method of holding the score in a variable, then call it back into the next module. It would need to be persistant so if the user closed down the PC it would be there next time. If it is on a specific PC then the user would have to use that PC again next time, the user and software would need the privilege levels to write to disc or to a remote server requiring either an intra or internet access.
So broadly yes you can but there are conditions and limitations which make it a little hit or miss.
What you are after is called an LMS.
Thank you very much Nick!
I understand[;)]
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