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I would really appreciate to know if it is possible to create a text fill in the blanks question/quiz that quires the user to complete more than one blank within one sentence or paragraph. I mean something like this:
This is a _________ that requires__________,but ir condition_________ is filled then the solution is _________.

If this is possible how is it done?

Than you so much!

Not easily using text as you have to parse the answers. If the first answer was 'question' you'd have to check for Question, question and QUESTION as answers. You'd need to do this for all of the answers.
You can take a simpler approach using drag and drop from a selection of words.
There's a sample of this here..
Hi Nick,
Thank you so much for your reply. I don't mind doing the manual work and inputing all the possible right answers. But I have no idea of what to do in order to get the questions horizontally instead of vertically. For instance I would like to be able to place the boxes where the user inputs the answers side by side and not top to bottom. i.e.
Question: What is this Answer: ___ ____ _____ (where each ___ is an independant fill in the blank text box).[:confused:] Mitz
I'm afraid it may be a lot of work to adapt, but with google you can find these kind of questions using javascript.
You'd probably want to use a text input box from the FORM objects. By default this has lines around the outside which you can switch off, an ide would be to have the box fill with a slight contrast to the page itself so the user can see it.
You'd then need to either wait for all of the text to be added then parse them all OR after each is entered.
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