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height of drag and drop question parts
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I often use media, particularly images, in my drag and drop questions (which is possible in moodle). Unfortunately in courselab there doesn't seem to be any way to change the base height of the drag and drop answers. The matching part will change automatically, but the base text part does not resize at all (which really limits the match size to the same height).

If the height of the match is more than the standard height, it does not fully display. Is there any workaround to solve this, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance. I really love courselab, but this is a stumbling block for me.

Mark Spruell
These aren't directly editable in page as you've noted.
So the question is what determines the layout and sizes of these prebuilt items?
If you lok at the xml file 1.xml then you'll find a block named design content.
This is a seies of htl code lines squished into a big block, and inside of that there is a table structure tr td tags. This is where you can change the block to whatever you want it to be.
The caveat being it needs to be done sfter the module has been mastered for the media of your choice or it will revert.
It's a shame that an external css page isn't used for this as it would be easier to modify.
Thanks Nick. At least the object is editable at some point. Not ideal, obviously, but probably worth using the few times I need it.[:)]

It is just this kind of functionality, that although not as convenient as it should be, that keeps me looking at CL. If you bump up against a problem like this in a commercial product, there's usually no way around it.
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