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Getting an agent to speak
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Very new to this software, so this may be a dumb question - If so IAIA.

I have an agent on a slide that I want to 'speak'. I have set the sound property(?) of the agent & set it not to start straight away.
In the action block on the timeline of the frame in which I need the speech to start I have called the 'perform action' method with the parameter set to Talk.
The instructions either side of this method call work but the agent does nothing.
The sound file does not play, and the agent remains idle (I'm assuming that the mouth should animate).

Can anybody give me any clue as to where to start with the solution to this problem?

Many thanks in advance,
OK - slight update.
The agent I want to speak is placed on frame 1 and exists through into frame 2 where I'm calling the method but nothing happens.
If I place an agent directly onto frame 2 and tell it to talk it moves its mouth, but the sound file doesn't play.
If I uncheck the 'Do not play sound file straight away' box the sound plays as soon as the frame loads.

So - 2 questions I suppose...

1. How do I call a method on an agent which exists through from a previous frame?

2. Is the sound associated with an agent supposed to play when it's told to talk?
If Yes - Any idea what's wrong?
If No - Then can someone tell me how to get an agent to 'speak' a sound file please?

Another update - Scrap Q2 :)

Q1 still has me though.

Anyone have an answer please?

Many thanks,
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