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SLK_Courselab problem
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Message for Courselab and everyone! :)


Question please  :
I am uploading Scorm files to the SLK LMS , published from the Courselab and its work, but some things are not working…
1. I must click the course name, like the one marked red in the picture
2. When I click "SAVE & CLOSE", the system doesn’t save the state / location for the next entry.
3. The navigation buttons from the LMS are not affect the Courselab pages.

The LMS system works fine with the LMS compiled Sample from your site and with other e-Courses (of diff. companies).
When I publish the Source of the LMS sample from your site, it does'nt work well:
It looks like you publish the course with a diff. version of Courselab or something like that.

When I Publish to Scorm 1.2 the first problem is solved.

Please tell me what should I do to be able to publish the course (Prefer to 2004) and have all these problems fixed.

Thanks alot,
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