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How to stop a frame
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When I open a slide, it skips immediately from frame A to frame B. I would like to open frame B AFTER CLICKING ON AN OBJECT placed on frame A, not sooner. How to do it?
hi DW,
I'm having the same problem, i downloaded the showcase Alexander the Great source. it shows how to do go to the next frame after clicking on an object. you better try it out. but that did source didn't satisfy my problem. i want to navigate to the next frame using the navigation button in the template i'm using. please can someone explain how to use frames?
Hey, and I think I`ve found a solution of your problem: View --> Master --> right click on a navigation button --> Properties --> in `enabled button tooltip` change `next slide` for `next frame`.
Ops, no, it doesn`t work. Sorry
Try adding the component frames in the slide into a time line so they are laid out in a linear time track.
Then you should be able to make the click trigger the next item in the timeline.
:))) Thank you! I`ve changed only one option and it helped: right click on Frame A --> Advance -->`wait for action`. Thanks so much again!
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