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Pass scores to Moodle LMS
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Do you happen to know how to send test scores to moodle LMS?

It ought to pick up the scores in the variable 'total' all by itself. It's a standard method used to pass scores.
Is it not happening?
Hi,I'm a newbie in integrating courselab to moodle 2.2, as I go along uploading scorm packages of tests in moodle, I've been receiving complaints from students. Students say that moodle is not recording their score properly. For example, in the current results box, the score says 20/21 (one mistake), then the moodle will report 81% or 17/21. Is there any problem with my configuration?Please help. Thank you so much in advance. :D
Try a test module with a few questions in it and set it to pass the total as a % rather than number score.
You'll find this in the Module drop down menu set, the option you want is Runtime settings, look in the runtime tabs and check scale score before sending.

Every release of Moodle has, as a rule, mended a few things and broken a few others. I'm not sure if this was a flagged problem in 2.2 so it might be specific to Courselab and Moodle interactions.
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