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Whitespace is not allowed at this location
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New download (v2.4) + PP add-in.

Create course, save, close, re-open, error:

The module could not be opened
Line: 3
Pos: 183
Whitespace is not allowed at this location.

I have re-installed with no success as mentioned in another thread. Any suggestions?


Hi, Noah,

this error occurred because of illegal character in XML (probably you have used usual quotes in module title). To fix that:
- open module design file (it is named after folder name, i.e. 1.xml, 2.xml and so on) with Notepad (or any other plain-text editor)
- look at line 3 on position 183. You will see something like

title="Some title with "quotes""

- remove extra quotes or change them to HTML-entities, i.e.

title="Some title with quotes"

title="Some title with "quotes""

- open the module again.
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