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Mac OS (Safari or Firefox) and Courselab?
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Anyone who can help me setting up a module with courselab for Apple OS X (Safari or Firefox use) that has the possibility to controll quicktimeplayer or any other media player?

What I need is, that there is a start button that starts a mp3 and a replace media button that can change the replayed mp3?

Thanx a lot...
Hi, Axel,

If you want to use QT Player, then you will need to use Video Clip object (it can play audio as well) with QT player manually selected. Since it has no Replace URL feature, you will need to set up a lot of such objects - one for each sound fragment. I don't think it;s good solution.
Perhaps using Flash would be better in that case - CourseLab run-time can play Flash SWF files attached to objects (or as files with SOUND action) with Flash Player exactly the same way as with Media Player in Windows. Sound files can be easily converted to Flash (for example with Boomer Audio utility, sure there are more of that utilities on the Net).
Personally I don't use quicktime at all, I really would rather not have it on my systems.
You will find that some PCs won't have it and in some situations might not be able to download or install it (profiled corporate PC's) due to limitd user rights profiles.
It is always best to use video encoding formats that will be supported by all systems, the same is true for flash versions.
Where I work we probably have about 2000 PCs maybe 100 have quicktime and all have flash 6 player.
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