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Changing template
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I have created a course with 11 modules, but I would like to change the template to a larger size. How can I do this without having to recreate every slide?
Hello Phil,

I have change it in the master slide. it worked.

Hi Phil,

The position or location of the contents within all slides will remain same, you will have to manually re-position each and every object according to the new size dimensions of the template.

One way of doing this is by selecting (CTRL+A) all objects and moving proportionatly according to the size.

You can change the template size by selecting menu Module – Design Settings or use Alt-F7 key combination.


I was waiting to see if anyone would point out the blindingly simple solution which is to change(physically swap in new items of the correct size) the template contents to match the size. Simply moving them as kapil suggests won't rescale them.
I'd suggest your own template series to match non standard sizes
Hi Nick,

In my response to Phil I was talking 2 things:

1. One could change the size of the template to a larger one.

2. As per the new template size, one can reposition the placements of the objects, and if a object is a text or image you can very well increase the size accordingly...

I have done this successfully...
Hi Kapil and Nick,

Thanks to you both for responding, I used Kapil's suggestion and it's worked well.

Of course it all falls flat on its face when the user tries it on their 800x600 screen, around 10% of users still use this. That will be in excess of 57.5 million users worldwide who will have severe problems using your modules.
It would probably fail the US accesibility rules and regulations too

It's one of the reasons why good web and training material design is much more difficult than it seems. You can't ignore such a large section of your potential market.
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