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Course structure
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I created a course with multiple modules. How do i run the course and not individual modules together - Basically i would appreciate if you can let me know how i can connect the modules so the course can run seemlessly. (ie last slide of first module should take me to first module of second module)
For example i have the following structure:
- Module 1
- Slide-1
- Slide-2 ....
- Module 2
- Slide-1
- Slide-2 ....
- Module 3
- Slide-1
- Slide-2 ....

Hi Srinivas,

try to use some javascript. On a button which should bring the users to the the new module insert an onclick action. Choose javascript as action and insert location.href = "../2/start.html"; (just check, in which folder the module is located you want to jump to).


I have a question, I have navigation button on the master slide and dont get the option to apply java script on the last slide, or may be I am not getting it. [:(]
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