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gap/offset between sentences in the text box
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Hello[:confused:] ,

I would like to know, how can I choose the distance between sentences? Sometimes is no gap, sometimes it is and sometimes is double the gap? What is the problem[:mad:]? Is someone who has the same problem or is only me?

Best regards,

Hi Diana
This depends on the kind of line break that is inserted into the underlying html code that controls the formatting.

I's suggest that you copy and paste from something like notepad. The text will form lines in notepad, with each line being a paragraph. I would remove the spaces to make on long line of text. Once you paste this into Courselab there will be no formatting applied other than the default font for the module.
Now find where you want a break in the text and instead of hitting the RETURN/ENTER key hold down SHIFT then press enter.
This puts in a non-breaking space so the new line starts imediately below the last. You can use this to vary the number of spaces between lines of text in a reasonably controlled and reliable way.
This also applies where you have typed in your own text.

IF you have copied the text directly from something like word or web page then you'll still have some of the ebedded formatting code hidden in the text. This can make the line spacing very erratic once you add your own formatting.
Cut or copy and paste from an unformatted text source is best.
Hi nickj,

Thank you for your help.
I ve look at the html code and i could make there some changes. It work pretty easy. Thanks a lot.

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