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Images in SCOs
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I've been trying to import a lot of content pages into some modules that previously existed as HTML pages. I've tried three approaches.

First, I imported all the pages as Embedded iframes. I carefully made sure all my images were local and relatively referenced. (eg: "../images/whatever.gif") They all work great when I run the modules locally, but when I publish the site I get no images. I look at the manifest file and they are not listed, and if they're not in the manifest they don't get uploaded. I've tried "module/update" but still no success.

Second, I tried using textbox objects instead if the iFrames. I switched the editor to HTML and pasted in my pages. The pages look great but no images and there doesn't seem to be a way to edit the properties of the images already in the text boxes to get path problems sorted out for example, so my only option was to delete the images and re-insert them. That raised another issue. If I have to delete and re-insert an image I lose any parameters like re-sizing that were attached to the original image and so have to try and "fake it" when I re-insert the new one.

Enough questions for this post. Any help or recommendations greatly appreciated. Generally this seems like a fantastic product.
The iframe allows an external url to load, this can be more or less any allowable media. Having the images locally won't do anything and at the remote url end the referencing schema doesn't really matter that much.
Look at the actual page(s) referred to in the url which is where the problem may be. Most pages should work OK but sometimes the coding used will fall over, its all to do with the DTD used.

On the text boxes and dragging pages over. You'd need to manually edit the html code associated with each image. Courselab tracks the elements you add through it's interface but if you do it yourself then the onus is on you to do this. Oh and don't forget your doing this in an xmlns documnet, makes a difference sometimes.
tag options are here http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_IMG.asp
Thanks for the suggestions.
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