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How to disable quiz reoccruing attempt popup msg
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I have a few quizzes in the middle of a module and If student answer is incorrect, I direct him/her back to previous slides. I want them to be able to do the quiz again later. I already have the "reoccuring approach" allowed, but everytime the quiz slide is re-visited, a message will popup "This question is already answered. Press OK to clear stored results and start new approach. Press Cancel otherwise." I know the wordings of this message can be changed, but even if I leave the field empty, I still get an empty message window popup. My question is how can I completely get rid of or disable this message window? Thanks.
Hi, I have the same issue. Has anybody found a way of removing the popups? Thanks
There is a hack ... no guarantee of the makers of CL, of course.
Look at Nick's website
at advanced - Backwards and forwards

Sorry Slav [;)]
I'll try that thanks.
Hi, Ying!
Unfortunately, there's no way to switch off this confirmation dialog at all in current version. The only solution by now is to change the message to something more neutral.
Thanks for the quick reply. So I do not need to dig anymore... I just feel that in some scenarios like this, especially when quiz is used as self-check and results are not stored, such message may not be necessary. I'm new to CourseLab, but I really find it so useful!
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